Author Topic: LaCrosse IT+ base<->transmitter pairing.  (Read 937 times)

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LaCrosse IT+ base<->transmitter pairing.
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:15:27 AM »
Im building my own transmitter as a replacement for TX-22U and I have problem with it (as You maybe know TX-22U has big problem with starting after changing the batteries).

My base station (WH1600) correctly receives and decodes first packet from my transmitter (data displayed on LCD), however next packet is not accepted and transmission is lost.
Do You know how pairing after power on protocol is working? Any additional packets? Different frequency? For sure Im sending correct packet, however it seems some other requirements are not handled and base station denied pairing.

Best Regards and thank You in advance for answers,
Greg Potkowski