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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Davis bucket calibration
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 11:45:31 AM »
I have it at 24.8mm, I can see me doing much better than that, going to see what the real rain ☔ says about it and go from there...
Results of yesterdays rain 2 separate locations 2 miles apart. 2 tipping buckets both calibrated with Novalynx calibrator at recommended 6 inch/hr rate and it never went over 2" per/hr rate.

TBRG1- .33 actual .32
TBRG2- .22 actual .22

It works, not sure why. I'm sticking with it after finding the slower calibration rates didn't.

Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Spring/Summer '17
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 10:22:55 AM »
Some indications of a flip coming.  Highs showing in the low 80s for early next week.  CPC 14 day forecast shows 'below normal' chances increasing.

I did hardware cloth (smaller mesh than shown above), cut out some of the cross pieces and wrapped it around the outside.

As to whether ANY display unit other than the one that was intentioned for the WS-2902 would function properly is questionable.  Yes, I was successful in getting the ObserverIP to detect and decode the Osprey unit BUT the ObserverIP firmware, set for WS-1400-IP, prior to the 4.2 (ie the VERY latest) would NOT decode the anemometer (ie NO readings). 

The display unit for the WS-1001 will likely NEVER be used with the Osprey head (not even Fine Offset shows such).  Switching to the Osprey outdoor unit is something of a gamble.  Based on what I encountered, the anemometer will likely be the troublesome area for your existing display.

The WS-2902 comes with its own display unit that can be setup to send to WU and Ambient Weather via WiFI (if you desire), so you do wind up with a nice display regardless.  As I had the ObserverIP to feed my Meteobridge I did NOT bother with the WS-2902's WiFi feature.

BTW, a little bird has confirmed that the mystery WS-1600-IP IS the same as the WS-1400-IP but with the Osprey outdoor unit and I have since changed my ObserverIP station model to WS-1600-IP.  This switch eliminated the need for a wind speed calibration offset that I had to enter while using WS-1400-IP as my station model.

With several days operation, I am delighted with the Osprey.  The wind vane is WAY more stable and better dampened. The anemometer will start up at well below 1MPH as compared to the older unit's 3-4MPH stall speed.  I am finding the humidity sensor to be more accurate than the old unit as well.  I do like the removable rain funnel (ie cleaning without removing screws).  I added a perimeter of 3" long stainless pins (plastic heads removed) around the funnel unit to discourage birds perching.  May have to do the same on the wind vane centerpoint, the anemometer centerpoint and along the arms if I see birds attempting to perch.  The funnel is the biggest potential so that is why I started there.  BTW, I did this same mod to the older unit being inspired by the latest Davis Vantage PRO2 rain funnel design.

Be aware that the Osprey does NOT use rechargeable batteries but rather non-rechargeable AAs to maintain output after sunset and they recommend lithium.  Life expectancy is stated as 1-2 years so assuming that pans out to be accurate, this is NOT an issue as I would be pulling the unit to clean the rain cup and the solar panel at least yearly so that would be the time to replace the nighttime support batteries.  If I find that the batteries are short lived, my plans are to run a pair of wires from the unit's battery connections (it is mounted on a pole about 14ft tall) down to a point where I will install a weatherproof AA battery case so that I can easily replace the batteries.

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Davis bucket calibration
« Last post by dalecoy on Today at 10:11:11 AM »
Not so sure i need to do it for the manual gauge, all i need to do is pour what ever the calculated amount is into the center tub and check the measurement on the side, its pointless doing it with a manual gauge, i know the manual gauge is accurate, it would be like you measuring a cochoras (spell check?) gauge, i see no gain from doing this?

If i just pour a measured out 5mm down the spout, that is what it will measure, no mater how slow or how fast its poured, its manual ;)

...unless there is some previously-undiscovered error in the actual method of dripping water into the Davis gauge. 

The purpose of doing the exact same test, using the same method and equipment, is verification of the end-to-end results.

For instance: there is some amount of evaporation of water that wets the funnel.  Maybe not significant in this case, but maybe it is significant.  And that's just one possibility.

Another instance: at the conclusion of the test, there will be some water left in the delivery equipment.  That would be different if you "pour into the manual gauge" and "drip into the Davis gauge".  Maybe not significant, maybe significant.

Weather Web Cam Links / Western New Providence Island, The Bahamas
« Last post by Stratocaster on Today at 09:59:49 AM »
I just installed a webcam at home, near Nassau, Bahamas.

Go here to see the latest capture:

Here is the view from the bedroom, looking west.
Well my weather cam is finally up and running.

Kari at WU was nothing short of amazing - she worked on it with me until we got it on line. Huge thanks to her, as well as Dan at Fantastic communication and follow-through.

Go here to see what it's like in The Bahamas today!
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: cannot modify header <--- help
« Last post by wvdkuil on Today at 09:49:55 AM »
Hello guys specially to Sir Ken

How to fix this error that suddenly appeared (see below message), before the site is ok for 4 months and this month, this error appeared, can you help to get rid of this error? since I checked all the scripts and I dont see any wrong. you can check the site Thank You.

"Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /storage/ssd5/169/1132169/public_html/top.php:1) in /storage/ssd5/169/1132169/public_html/top.php on line 40"
There are excellent debugging tools in the saratoga template. To check the  scripts, version, a.s.o.
When checking the structure of the scripts with
You can see that there are two empty lines before the < ? p h p  at line 3
Those are interpreted as html and sent to the browser including the default headers.
But at line 40 the real headers should be sent => that results in the warning message.

As you mention this script is not modified in the last 4 months, the only conclusion is that error messaging is switched on by the provider.

Custom Website Templates / Meteotemplate - New Plugin - Blog
« Last post by Jáchym on Today at 08:51:55 AM »
Meteotemplate - New Plugin - Blog

Hi guys

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