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What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Where do I stick it? - <Solved>
« Last post by SoMDWx on Today at 05:00:46 PM »
Just a word of advice... I would have moved it far away from any walls of buildings and fences which may absorb additional heat , giving false readings....

Interesting though that Davis no longer claims "Made in USA".  You can be certain that some of it is from Chinese factories.
WeatherUnderground / Re: Weather Webcams not accepting pictures ?
« Last post by jpk1018 on Today at 03:59:33 PM »
Mine was working but now it's back to the SOS.
Good question...I'll go up to $400 +/- a bit..rather have quality that lasts, than made in China junk.
Davis are not made in china.
They're made in Hayward, Ca., but I'm sure some parts are imported; I believe Sensirion is Swiss.
Would you upload to a website like this: for about a megabyte a month?
For Sale/Wanted / Re: Acurite items for sale
« Last post by Garagedude on Today at 03:25:02 PM »
I would take $50 and I will pay shipping to Usa 48 states.
For Sale/Wanted / Re: Acurite items for sale
« Last post by Glenn on Today at 02:58:44 PM »
What are you looking to get for the 06022 display?
It is all sorted!
johnd hit it in one - I had to change the Weatherlink to Vantage Pro 2 Plus.

Again thank you to all forum members for your input.

Rob in Oz
No, the Davis does not go into a box, check out some photos in the Station Photography Section.

Or, even better, check out Leticia's video on the Davis Vue at:

The VP2 model is very broadly similar, but obviously is a more sophisticated model.
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