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Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: Variables
« Last post by Nisse on Today at 02:49:15 AM »
Ok, I need some programming to get the values. Now I know.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 shopping list
« Last post by PraveenC31 on Today at 01:18:42 AM »
You don't need a plugged in thumb drive to make SD card read only. You can use the RAM of raspberry instead. That is what the link I pointed to in an earlier post does.
I am wondering if anyone has looked closely at these two digital barometers and which one you think is the better quality and feature set that is more important to you...

High precision Bosch Pressure Transducer Accuracy 0.25 mb/hPa
Supports multiple units of measure: mb, inHg, mmHg, psi, h20, atm, pas, includes a one Day Graph and a one Week Graph, Ability to display multiple formats at once
Audible and visual alerts and warnings.
Display Sea, local and User definable pressures
Nist Test Certificate

Mintaka Duo Sensor Digital Barometer   $595

Two independent, high-precision atmospheric pressure sensors
Pressure units include: mb, hPa, kPa, in Hg, in H2O, cm H2O
Graphic pressure history display, past 30 minutes to 120 days
Choose between station or sea-level pressure display
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Dew point problem
« Last post by jayr027 on Today at 12:47:26 AM »
Calculated Dew Points CAN have negative values, indicating they are below zero degrees.

but in Philippines, normally 30 TL and more. but never had a 0 or negative since we are living in a tropical countries. I
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by Bunty on Yesterday at 11:56:47 PM »
Saturday and Sunday isn't a very appropriate time to be down on WU.  However, if a lot of things haven't turned better this Friday, then let loose.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Repeated signal dropouts
« Last post by openvista on Yesterday at 11:20:07 PM »
Well, I know earlier in the thread zackdog said he didn't have a wind transmitter ( The graphs he posted were of his ISS. It's possible he wasn't always using a separate temp station when he was experiencing outages. Hopefully, he'll clarify.

Another person who reported this issue is miraculon, and I'm pretty sure he has multiple transmitters. Again, he'll have confirm.

MonumentHillWeather said that when he first got his wind transmitter he had issues ( Although I'm not sure if his issue was strictly cold related or not.

Assuming all 3 members mentioned above receive multiple channels and no one with a single transmitter is reporting cold weather drop outs, then we may have a new working hypothesis. However, it still wouldn't be iron clad because MonumentHillWeather's situation cleared up with a replacement console. Nevertheless, that new stipulation would go a long way to explaining why there aren't more people seeing the problem.

WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by azchrisf on Yesterday at 11:19:05 PM »
It amazes me that no one monitors site health on the weekend for such a large site and company. The webcams totally broke over the weekend as well as the station stats.

Something is very wrong at WU. It seems to be a combination of lack of manpower, bad coding and old hardware that did not keep pace with the growth - zero investment . In short, a recipe for a disaster. No wonder it's crumbling at the foundation.

This will certainly be interesting to see if it ever gets fixed right. I have my hopes but again great doubts as I eluded to earlier in the thread...

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WeatherUnderground / Re: Telling aspirated from non-aspirated
« Last post by LABob on Yesterday at 10:34:26 PM »
I've found that I can *tell* a non-FAR by it's peak solarloading numbers, being typically 3-5F higher than other local stations...of course, they could've just not been calibrated.

How can you tell when you're in an suburban area surrounded by people with their Costco Accurite or Walmart Oregon Scientific stations reporting to WU? My data gets flagged by WU because my station being 6 feet off the ground, aspirated, and in the middle of a yard at least 50 feet from any trees or buildings stands out among those who hang their non-aspirated outdoor sensors on the side of their house.
MikeWest, make sure your computer and OIP is directly connected to the same switch or router. Do not use wireless while updating the OIP firmware. You will brick it.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by dwhitemv on Yesterday at 10:05:13 PM »
+1 on Summary tables not updating again. Last day with data is January 17.
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