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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Vantage View Problem
« Last post by Mattk on Today at 04:48:00 PM »
I doubt it, there's not a lot one can do when something is frozen solid including the silicone spray.
Here is the phone I bought in October 2015 and used to update the wifi firmware of my WS-2000.

On the phone is Location.  It is turned on.  It is in 'battery saving' mode.  When I click on that, it defines Battery Saving mode as;
"Use Wifi and mobile networks to determine location."
It also has two other modes;
1. High Accuracy
2. Device Only
High Accuracy is defined as; "Use GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine location"
Device Only is defined as, "Use GPS to determine your location"

But, like I mentioned, I have mine set for Battery Saving.  While the phone is capable of GPS, it's not turned on it seems via this setting. If I do turn it on, I bet I can download a compass app. 
If it can be retrieved with a click, that would be just fine.

I just accidently found the answer to this ... just click on "WiFiLogger" on the "Real Time Data" page and the console firmware version and other data will appear.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Access and meteobridge
« Last post by gardengrub on Today at 04:36:22 PM »
I don't believe meteobridge will work with Access. Doc has said he isn't planning to support it. Some modifications may need to be made to the meteobridge before it can continue to run the smarthub, and I am not even sure that will happen.
Correct, Access in its current state does not work with Meteobridge.  The only hope for that would be a firmware update to Access that would make the sensor data available to the local network AND if the Meteobridge developer is then willing to implement.  Possible but outside of my control.
Doc was very clear soon after the smartHUB end-of-service announcement that the Meteobidge would not provide any support to keep the smartHUB "alive" without the myAcurite cloud service doing so.  That is a closed door.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Vantage View Problem
« Last post by Don on Today at 04:13:34 PM »
Hello all. New member here !
My question : Will spraying Silicone water resistant spray keep the wind cups from freezing and not turning?
We had snow storm with ice this past weekend and my cups were froze in place for 3 days.
Thanks in advance !
Ambient Weather Station / Re: WS-2902a firmware not appearing
« Last post by kbellis on Today at 03:33:41 PM »
Mark, it's v4.1.0 from everything I've seen.

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Other Weather Topics / Re: What would it take to measure cloud ceilings?
« Last post by Beech33 on Today at 03:32:20 PM »
If your device doesn't have a magnetometer chip (sometimes combined with an accelerometer), then you won't be able to install compass apps. The compass app relies on the magnetometer to sense magnetic fields and applies a world magnetic model which uses the device's location in determining what magnetic declination needs to be applied for that locality.

Locations on your device can be determined using more than one method, but most typically, there is some form of onboard GPS, even on my economy class Moto E4 Plus (XT1770). In other cases, cell triangulation may be employed for determining location. At the bottom of the list would be a mapped IP location, though I can't say if the awnet app would be placated by either means. All I know for sure is I had to turn Location on in order to add a weather station display device using awnet.

I don't know if I have 'location' on/off or if it is even an option on my phone. I only know it doesn't have GPS capability.  I will check the phone though and get back to you...
I do know when trying to install a compass app, it told me I did not have GPS.
Other Weather Topics / Re: What would it take to measure cloud ceilings?
« Last post by Beech33 on Today at 03:23:36 PM »
Old Tele man
I am interested in the cloud base not the tops. I used the term ceiling because for aviation flight rules it means the first base of the first broken (5/8 coverage or more) or overcast layer.
Thanks for the equation!
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