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You wrote that the $part variable give you the following information (from your example): "1/4", length 4, type "string"

Oops - that should be length 3, I fat-fingered that, but yeah...

Code: [Select]
if ( is_numeric( $part ) == false ) {
  list ( $numerator, $denominator ) = explode( '/', $part );
  $part = ( $numerator / $denominator );
The '1/4' string value is transformed into the '0.25' numeric value.

Do I make sense...  :-|

Yup.  I did an explicit search for the '/' but that should work, at least if PHP is acting consistent...  Paranoid me added "floatval()" calls around the numerator and denominator.
Makes total sense , with an upgrade to 7.1.8 from 5.6 I had to recently on another non weather project had to convert values like 1/4 , 1/2 into numerical I simply added or converted them by using for example
if ($x == 1/4){$x = 0.25};
if ($x == 1/2){$x = 0.50};
And so on.....
else $x ;

$x is just a reference...

7.2 also a few little quirks but I donít think it will cause too much headache..brian

Just curious...

You wrote that the $part variable give you the following information (from your example): "1/4", length 4, type "string"

The $part variable is part of the following code snippet: $kmVis = round( $part * 1.6 );

In my view, for the 'round' function to produce the right results, the $part variable would need to be a numeric value and not a string. So, when the $part variable as a numeric value is multiplied by the numeric value 1.6, then the rounding of the multiplication should proceed as expected.

I just tried it and I got rid of the error. Here is how:
Code: [Select]
if ( is_numeric( $part ) == false ) {
  list ( $numerator, $denominator ) = explode( '/', $part );
  $part = ( $numerator / $denominator );
The '1/4' string value is transformed into the '0.25' numeric value.

Do I make sense...  :-|
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: Weatherlink 5.8.2 on USB stick
« Last post by Davidb on Today at 04:43:47 AM »
sorry, been very busy, will get back to this asap, thanks for helpful replies, David
Ambient Weather Station / Re: Android app? Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP
« Last post by pcorbridge on Today at 03:56:39 AM »
Hi guys,

I have searched high & low, and contacted Aercus Instruments (without response) asking the question, but before I splurge on this weather station, I do want the confidence of an attractive Android display for it to broadcast to.

I have seen the Wunderground app on andoird (i have used it for a few years on my mobile) but I don't like the way it scales up on a tablet and it gives me nothing more then what my phone offers.

The apple app looks identical to what I would like my Android Tablet to display, but despite several days of searching I just cant find anything available that i really find attractive.

Can anyone help elaborate on what Displays they use & how they get around this issue?

I have a WS-1001 and with the latest firmware it sends data to AmbientWeather. You can then access the data via the website and it looks similar to the iPad app.

See for further details.

I believe the WS-1200 is also supported.

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good morning

please if you wish to use the air quality index module please send me a PM with your nearest AQI station .. from and send me the url i then will send you the simple file update pre scripted..



Ambient Weather Station / Re: Higher in the air
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 12:52:01 AM »
I am using a alloy telescopic mast 40mm top at about 10m up with steel guys x6,
i get no movement in wind, not even a shimmer when  a pigeon lands or takes off
Having said that, my bucket is not up there, i would never put it up there, too big
of an area for the wind to hit and in no way would i put an all in one up there.

I have just had a quick look at a video on your station, can you not separate the

ps, i read a paper with regrads to urban siting and this paper stated that there is
little difference to mounting the temp at 10m (see edit below),  5m compared
to the same results to an open area, therefore, if you are in a built up area then its
favorable to put the up there, more accurate than at the suggested height.

My temp is at 13ft and i see no difference between that (Davis) and the OS968 at
the suggested height at night time of which i was warned about.
Bear in mind that the suggested height of 2/3ft is for open ground, not ya backyard
Us backyarders have to make compromises here and there.

If you can, split it up, theres nothing to say you cannot mount the rain on the mast
lower down where there is no sway, but, i wouldnt go with fibreglass, they sway a
lot more than their steel or alloy counterparts.


RE paragraph 3, I stand corrected its 5m not 10m, after many months of searching for
this paper again, i have finally found it

Paragraph 3.1
Ambient Weather Station / Re: WS-1001 Outdoor temp sensor stuck
« Last post by m841 on Yesterday at 11:50:33 PM »
Just changed the batteries now, and the outdoor temp reading is coming back down to normal gradually.

Didn't consider it to be the batteries since all of the other stats were reading fine from the unit!
Ambient Weather Station / Re: Higher in the air
« Last post by Garagedude on Yesterday at 11:33:14 PM »
 I cancelled my parade :-( guess I'll re-think this. So guess I could lower it then, LOL  Thanks guys for the honest but helpful knowledge.
Tropical Weather / Re: Next Thing to Watch - Maria (Invest 96)
« Last post by hankster on Yesterday at 11:06:38 PM »
The future tracks outlook (modeling) seem to keep Maria just off the NC outer banks? What are some of you that are deep into these storms thinking about that right now? Do you think it will hook out towards Bermuda more in time, or will the models move west more and into the mainland?

Any more than 3 days out is a crap shoot. That is one reason the NHC only shows 3 days with 5 day guidance. A lot will depend on what Jose does so anyone would have to forecast what Maria does 7 days out in relation to a forecast on what Jose does 7 days out and how the high pressure systems react to what Jose does or doesn't do.
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