Author Topic: R M Young 26800 Translator: Is anyone using one for a weather station hookup?  (Read 297 times)

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I recently got an R M Young 28600 translator which works and I'm hoping to hook up some sensors and do a little programming for it.  I have had a 27600 that I have played with, but it was hard to enter programs using just the front panel keys.

Does anyone on the forum have any experience with this device, and have hints or some snippets of programming to share on how to make it do what each sensor setup should be?

Thanks for any input, whatsoever, even on the 27600 since they are very close to one another in features, just a lot different port configuration.


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Dale -

I have a 26800 that I have about 3 days of experience with so far  :grin:

I've been on the phone with RM Young couple of times getting my setup operating, and am just getting my feet wet with programming and serial output wiring.  At the moment I'm using the RMY comm software to screw up program the data translator.