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Just send a screenshot of your phpmyadmin screen

Password to easyweathersetup you can change later at anytime

Db username / password

Email or pm is fine..

Station Software Development / Re: Davis, Arduino, Node Red, Python
« Last post by ziplockk on Today at 12:16:57 PM »
Will do.

I use Node Red to integrate other data feeds also. I have an RFM69 868MHz RF ultra low power sensor network (all battery powered and remote) collecting various things, of weather interest two FIR sensors which can produce very accurate cloud cover information, you can see the raw data from them on the linked page, I use Node Red to calculate a cloud cover estimate which is really quite accurate. One is a wide angle and one a narrow angle of view.

Lastly the newer tech is RFM95 LORA RF comms which I capture data from up to 5Km away, again around 868MHz but using LORA CSS which with a weedy 100mW transmitter does well to do 5Km non LOS . . .

Interesting toys ;-)
that original one has been around for years
I wonder if the owner forgot to renew the site
Yes, the instruction manual plainly says:
"On power up, the console displays all the LCD segments and beeps three times
(four times if you have a data logger plugged in)."
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: wxstarcharts
« Last post by ALITTLEweird1 on Today at 11:57:26 AM »
Thanks Jerry.
Keep in mind Davis has a refurb program where you send in your complete unit. Console and all sensors and they replace or repair what ever is needed. I did this last year and I think it was $170 but well worth it. You basically get a new station. Turn around time was about 2 weeks.
What Weather Software should I use/buy? / Re: Weathercloud
« Last post by ocala on Today at 11:32:21 AM »
Thanks Paul.
Downloaded the program but no luck.
Even tried to install Cumulus MX ( for the 3rd time) but no luck there either.
I'll just stay with Cumulus 1 and be happy with that. :-)
It's worth re-checking that the date and time are synchronized between the PC and the console.

Hmm, always worth checking date/time in this sort of situation, but only 3 beeps (for a Vue) is a clear sign that something more fundamental is amiss - hopefully just a loose logger.
Hi All,

After a month, I built a new Ubuntu 16.04 box, loaded up with PHP7.0, MYSQL and all the fixings.....including PHPMYADMIN.  I can create DB's in MySQL using the credentials I have placed into the homeweather setup environment.  Using the dbcreate php, the weatherstation database was successfully created, the weatherstation table was created and all row's in MySQL were created.

The website works, however it just won't send ANY data to MySQL.  All rows empty.  No MySQL error logs, I can go to MySQL command line and create tables in the weatherstation database manually using the credentials, etc....

No errors in Meteobridge.  All HTTP uploads SENT. Latest/greatest version of HomeWeatherStation installed.  The one thing that is interesting which I saw in a previous post is, my Min/Max Wind tile isn't populating.  Unsure if that is a sign of anything.

Any thoughts?  I'm wondering if this is a PHP module missing or a file permissions execution issue.  Since Brian uses MYSQLI, I did uncomment that in PHP.INI so it's active.  Still no data flowing to db....

All responses appreciated in advance!

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