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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Repeated signal dropouts
« Last post by Bunty on Today at 02:42:48 AM »
Put the console antenna in the up position, if you don't already do, to see if that helps prevent signal dropouts. 
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by PraveenC31 on Today at 01:57:09 AM »
I have a new station up since around 2 days now. Like many others the major issue I am facing is holes in the data records in the archives which make the graphs look very bad. I am using rapidfire and I see that most of the time it shows "Station reported 4 seconds ago" or so. But the data points in the table are very irregular. Some gaps are as high as an hour even though I did view the data live in between that hour.

Station ID : IBANGALO9
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by WeatherNC on Today at 01:34:56 AM »
I mentioned the status issue here and on the WU Trello board.  I think that will be lower on priority but Iíll keep asking.  I want it fixed also :???:
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by dwhitemv on Today at 01:18:46 AM »
Hello Sean & Ben,

Thanks for taking the time to check in. WU has been dead-to-air for so long, I didn't know if anyone was left there. I've been a WU user since the 90s and it's still the best weather site out there.

As for issues from my view, only a couple.
  • On the Forecast pages, the 'Customize' menu selections don't stick. I have to re-select them when returning to the page.
  • Maps with self-updating overlays (such as the radar maps on the station pages and WunderMap) sometimes hang while loading a new frame for the overlay, requiring a page reload to get current data. This one has been a problem for some time, which got worse with the move to Mapbox.
Thanks again for re-connecting with the community.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by HeloMech on Today at 12:58:19 AM »
Thanks Eb for and team for all the effort.  I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but I have been unable to save any edits to my status notes.  The edit popup window comes up, I can change status and upon saving it the window closes and the changes are reflected on the webpage at that time.  But a refresh of the page, or a re-visit of the page shows that the status changes do not take effect.  It is that way on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Android browsers. 

Thanks again for the efforts to get WU back on track.
WeatherUnderground / Re: Default Temperature Units
« Last post by azchrisf on Today at 12:23:28 AM »
I'm guessing that they've decided to really take their name to heart, and they've all gone underground.  There is really no other excuse for the crappy state of their "service".  I agree that it is "free", in that they take my data and sometimes give me something in return.  Lately they haven't been giving much in return.  Alas, I have a weather station (WS-1001) that is kind of tied into WU.  There is a weewx driver for it, which I've been using for a few months.  I suppose that I should set it up to use some other pws.  Too bad, as I'll lose my WU history, as if I could access it.  WU was nice while it worked.  It just doesn't anymore.  From the units issue (mine is stuck on degrees C), to Wundermap just crashing (at least on iOS 11) to Wunderstation reporting 0" of rain yesterday, when I can easily see that we got 0.4" yesterday when I scroll the display, to who knows what else is broken on their servers...

They get alot more out of it then you do - not only do they get advertising revenue from the ads, but they sell the aggregated data of your weather station and everyone elses.

Its an example of poor management who have "squeezed the orange too much" - and now the entire service suffers because they dont want to spend any money and just want profit - typical BS done by executives today.
Air Quality Sensors / Re: Purpleair webserver down
« Last post by azchrisf on Today at 12:11:58 AM »
This scared me the other day - with sensors not shipping then the site going down, you can imagine what I thought ;-)
If Davis changed RF chips in the VP2, they didn't notify the FCC.........
Are they required to report changes in the RF chip if the approved specifications aren't exceeded, or does every component change require retesting? 

I've found some docs like this:, but I'm not finding where what RF chip is used is specified, and I'm not up on FCC requirements.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by KFLDUNDE8 on Today at 12:02:49 AM »
Hi Sean and Ben

I'm sure glad to see I'm back online. Thank you for your support. Thank you for sharing the site for known issues as well.

Everything is looking great again. I felt frustrated as no one ever responded to my emails from support. No communication was terrible.

Thank you again. Communication is much appreciated.

Bobie Storm Spotter
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by konz on Yesterday at 11:28:34 PM »
Posted this on the Trello page too...

Data upload reliability and efficiency are the most important and pressing issues because without data input, you have no site. Sure, webcams are important, but the whole gist of the WU site is wx data.

Davis Vantage Vue ISS running weeWX 3.8.0 only 30%-70% data upload reliability.

From my wunderfixer utility in weeWX:
Date to check: 2018-01-14
Number of weeWX archive records: 288
Number of existing WU records: 191
Number of missing records from WU: 97
(33.7% missing)

Date to check: 2018-01-15 as of 2225 hrs CST
Number of weeWX archive records: 270
Number of existing WU records: 85
Number of missing records from WU: 189
(70% missing)

It could be that other members don't realize this is occurring because they're more interested in their webcams.
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