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Hi  folks,

I just noticed that when I hover over any of the SteelSeries gauges, I'm getting an error message.  I updated to to the latest version of php recently.  How do I fix this?

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@azchrisf: sorry, I rarely check these forums nowadays. I'm the author of the VPTools lib. It's best to PM me when something comes up, but I'll be subscribed on this thread so I'll see if someone posts. The ISSRX and the rest of the sketches use the same base lib that has an unfortunate bug not receiving US frequencies properly at the moment (misses every other radio packet). I haven't had time to fix that yet. It has no problems with EU frequencies. Mcrossley's relay sketch seems to work in the meantime for US packets. It's based on mine with a few modifications for parallel RX/TX.

There are a few comments at the beginning of the sketches that instructs how to set things up. Did you apply them? Other than that, Moteino or not shouldn't matter, all you need is a radio attached with the proper frequency that uses the same pins for interrupt as the Moteino. As for decoding, you sohuldn't need to fiddle with it too much since these sketches have a packet decoding part. A few rarely used things like soil/leaf metrics aren't implemented in my sketch, though. A not completely up to date write up on the packet format is on the wiki pages of Dekay's lib on Github.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: 2 vs. WL(PC)
« Last post by johnd on Today at 04:34:41 AM »
Lets try the real question? Why is Davis forcing this viewer login?

There's endless scope to speculate, but I'd suggest a couple of functional reasons:

A major change in 2.0 is the ability to have multiple stations in one account (vs 1.0 where each station effectively had its own account). But if the platform doesn't know who you are then how can it show you the list of your stations (where your list might include stations you own; those that have been shared with you; plus any others whose Bulletin data you like to check regularly)?

You may say that most users only have one station, but remember that the 2.0 platform is intended to cater for all Davis stations including EM, where the use of multiple gateways will be commonplace. And farmers often already have multiple VP2 stations, including Connect units. Once the decision was made that there was going to be one single all-embracing 2.0 platform then it had to be designed to accommodate the more demanding multi-station configurations and hence the same rules for everyone.

Second, 2.0 is a large software project. What you see right now is probably the minimum feature-set that Davis felt able to launch with. There will certainly be major new features in development and one of those might conceivably be be re-enabling single URL access to individual station's data. (Purely speculation on my part, but if there were a lot of feedback from users requesting the return of this capability then it might happen.) But right now I suspect the developers' main focus is on ensuring that the mass migration from 1.0 to 2.0 all goes smoothly in 2-3 months time.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: 2 vs. WL(PC)
« Last post by Mattk on Today at 03:48:13 AM »
Lets try the real question? Why is Davis forcing this viewer login?
I now have two Vantage Vues, one on the roof transmitting on channel ID1, and the other at 2m transmitting on ID2. My console is set as STA 1 WIND and STA 2 VUE ISS. Works perfectly - I now have wind data at 10m and the rest at 2m.
OK, thanks. I'll just have to substitute it with another more reliable graphic.

Do you have an update for the "wxGOES16-HAinSLoops-iframe-breezy.php" file so that it will show on my home page?

Detecting an absence of current images is possible, but it would slow the loading of your home page a bit.  There are no current images present on the server right now, so that's why you're not displaying anything there.  It is 'Preliminary' after all.

Do you have an update for the "wxGOES16-HAinSLoops-iframe-breezy.php" file so that it will show on my home page?

Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Fall/Winter '17-'18
« Last post by spc fresno on Yesterday at 11:40:48 PM »
It's really dry and cold out in central CA. We're going to be in the mid-20s tomorrow night, and we don't really have significant rain in sight. Tonight there are some snow showers in the foothills, but nothing in the valley (the snow level is an unusual 1500 feet!). Believe it or not, it hasn't rained at all so far this February.
I finally solved my self-inflicted problems assembling a filename list from the directory listing.   #-o I forgot that the filenames in the directory listing are html links and I needed to strip out the anchoring '<a href=' and '</a>'!

Once I overcame that hurdle I worked on adding a more useful timestamp, which took a while as well because it required remembering a key function, 'strtotime()', that makes it possible to go from day of the year to the day and month.  As usual, I found the most important piece of the puzzle, 'DateTime::createFromFormat('z','$imageTime')', searching the web.  ($imageTime is just the time string that's part of the image's filename.)

The zip is available on my site, and you can use the 'View' link to play around with it.

One benefit of the timestamp I've added is that you can now see when the images are stale.  Indeed no new images have been posted since just before midnight yesterday.

Edit:  I've added a real-time clock that tells the time as GMT and Zulu.
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