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Ambient Weather Station / WiFi ObserverIP Version May Become Available
« Last post by galfert on Today at 10:08:42 PM »
While browsing Fine Offset's website I stumbled in model WH2650.

At first Glace it looks like an Osprey outdoor array sensor with an ObserverIP. But the description says WiFi support! So this can't be the same old ObserverIP that is Ethernet only. But looking at the picture it looks like it is identical to the Ethernet ObserverIP we all know. But it has to be different inside to support WiFi.

Then I was looking through Alibaba and saw a different picture of the WiFi ObserverIP. This one clearly has the LED lights that indicate it supports the WiFi. The Fine Offset website probably just has a wrong picture associated.

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So it could be that Ambient soon starts selling this newer ObserverIP version. I hope it has more power than the Ethernet version that sometimes seems to be plagued by slowdown interface.
I'm afraid if you want to speed up your upload time you will have to upgrade to their Pro version which is a monthly charge. I have the basic rate which cost nothing but you are limited to uploads every 15 minutes.
Ambient Weather Station / Re: WiFi Issues After WS-2000 Updates
« Last post by jzinckgra on Today at 09:44:56 PM »
I have brand new ws2000, have disabled 5 GHz on my router and the tablet still can't detect my router nor has any signal
Ambient Weather Station / Re: New system, barometer not working
« Last post by jzinckgra on Today at 09:42:41 PM »
I've disabled 5 GHz and tablet still does not detect my router. I'm not even getting a wifi signal and it's plenty close to router
Custom Website Templates / Re: More/Better Radar on Saratoga Template?
« Last post by Theo on Today at 09:31:57 PM »
Got it and it worked, thanks so much!  One last question, is there a way to get an hourly forecast with Saratoga Weather?
Ambient Weather Station / Re: New system, barometer not working
« Last post by jzinckgra on Today at 09:13:33 PM »
I just realized I didn't buy the indoor sensor, so no barometer. Pretty disappointed I need a separate sensor for indoor temp, humidity and barometer. Just left a friend's house and he had a Lacrosse system with nice display and no need for extra sensor. All built in
Chit-Chat / Re: Psychedelic Radar
« Last post by chief-david on Today at 09:11:19 PM »
Pink Floyd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chit-Chat / Re: Psychedelic Radar
« Last post by sacreyweather on Today at 08:32:23 PM »

Someone please take the LSD away and turn off Pink Floyd the radar is listening to.
It may be easier to copy wxnewpage.php to wxdsforecast.php and replace the middle section with
Code: [Select]
<div id="main-copy">
 $doIncludeDS  true// handle DS-forecast include 
 include_once('DS-forecast.php'); ?>

</div><!-- end main-copy -->

and make your Settings.php corrections as noted in the above post.  Then you can add wxdsforecast.php to your menu and it should work fine.
Chit-Chat / Psychedelic Radar
« Last post by ocala on Today at 08:21:11 PM »

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