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Wrong Moon Pic fixed
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:27:21 AM »

Ok, so all the times seem right but I noticed for the moon graphic it shows a Crescent moon with Waxing Gibbous 63% Illuminated, clearly 2 different things.

So it should be the Waxing Gibbous but----I would believe the info, and what picture to use, is coming from the setting in Weather Display but I can't find that path  --- because ----

With transferring and updating I now have on my server, moon pics listed under these file structures????        example  moon25.gif     examples --  NH-moon01.gif   and SH-moon03.gif    examples same as above  --- NH-moon01.gif   and SH-moon03.gif       examples same as above  --- NH-moon01.gif   and SH-moon03.gif

Should those extra moon folders have been emptied into the

So in this long running process of updates and transferring servers and computers, I'm not sure what the structure should like, Soooo I'm asking for your help.

Also should I post this on Weather Displays forum?

Thanks for any help.


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