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Hi Bushman,
Thanks for the suggestion I will give it a try.

It appears that the Rain Multiplier value increases the rain rate/hr value and not the "Today" Total Rain value.

When I change the Rain Multiplier value from 1.00 to 10.0, the rain rate/hr goes from, as an example, 0.06 in/hr to 0.6 in/hr. Presently the Live Data rain rate/hr is correct with a Rain Multiplier of 1.0, but does not affect the Today Total Rain value which is still 1/10 of the Console Today Total Rain value.

What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: All in one and birds
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I have a Gamo.  There is no "one pump" with those.  One pump and they're dead.

Besides, with that power, I'm afraid I'd miss and blow off one of the cups.  Would be my luck.

Wait until tomorrow?  (JUst a guess - but maybe it will reset at midnight)
Hi Mattk,

Unfortunately already tried increasing the Rain Multiplier value from 1.0 to 10. and there was no change in the Today Total Rain value. :sad:

On the station tab, check the Rain Multiplier value, default is 1.00
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: All in one and birds
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 I think the one pump from the ole' Daisy should discourage future behavior. :-({|= :-) :mrgreen:
 =D> UU
I am now using  ,  it has lots of information and links to personal weather stations site also.  I tried weatherbug but had lots of trouble uploading to their site and they don't have the nice layout or in depth weather as 
Thanks for answering.

One phenomenon which is particularly strange for me is the way the nights warm quickly over there, especially around midnight.

The inaccuracies are becoming mind-boggling, even for very short terms.
For instance, right now(10 PM local time) every major weather site says the temperature will be 25 degrees Fahrenheit in around 6 AM local time, whereas in reality the temperature is 36 degrees and CLIMBING. It has climbed 3 degrees since sunset. And because I've been following the weather daily I can say with some amount of certainty that it will keep climbing slowly until around 5 AM, only then begin cooling until a little arfter sunrise, at which point it will return to climb.
It's like they've lost all connection to reality, but why?

Here's a screenshot I took right now:

It's obviously not snowing and not going to snow, the temperature isn't even going to drop below freezing, there simply isn't enough time.

Here's a screenshot of the forecast I took just a few hours ago:

It has since been revised to a warmer one.
In reality it won't even come close to that. I'm expecting very mild weather, around the freezing point and above it.

I know it seems like I'm fretting or being bitter, but I'm asking simply out of curiosity.
What is their interest in providing far fetched forecasts?

I found one interesting explanation to the freakishly warm nights:

Hi All,

I just got my Belfryboy Davis Clone Data Logger attached to my Vantage Vue Console and hooked up to a TPLink 3020 using the latest Meteobridge firmware. When i go to the Live Data Tab all of the Davis parameters look good except for the "Today" Rain Total which is off by a factor of 10. We just had a downpour and the Davis reported a "Today" Rain Total of 0.1 in while Meteobridge is showing 0.01 in.
I have done a search as to what might be causing this issue, but nothing jumped out at me. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this discrepancy?
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: All in one and birds
« Last post by CW2274 on Today at 02:39:51 PM »
I've had my Davis VP2 operating 6 years now, and I can truthfully say that I have NEVER seen ANY bird sit or roost on any part of the ISS / anemometer assemblage.
Funny you mention that, I just caught two doves, one sitting on my RW tipper, and the other on the anny vane, in the same day. Haven't seen it before or since. I think the one pump from the ole' Daisy should discourage future behavior. :-)
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