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Virtual Weather Station by Ambient / Re: Show Off Your VWS Real Estate
« Last post by sdc on Today at 04:26:00 AM »
These are the files I copied and put into a backup folder.  ...
Scott from Austin.

Thanks once again for this useful post!! I've just had to reinstall VWS on Windows 10 (which is proving buggy with VWS so far, but not yet fathomed out why  :???:) and had to locate the files I had to restore to regain my layout. I knew somewhere, someone had listed the files needed - so I'm glad to have found this post again!  :-)
WeatherUnderground / Re: Goldstar Stations
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 02:40:22 AM »
Mine is back this morning, certainly less than the 5 days sending data, all hail WU :D
Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by LFWX on Today at 01:08:52 AM »
:D OK, so I checked when will be the next total solar eclipse visible from my hometown... 2135... that's gonna be a long wait....

Only 6 years, 7 months and 18 days for me! =D>,-84.83093261718751,7

But this partial eclipse should also be pretty good.
Thanks weatherist34!

just for reference i had this on my hard disk

Lets Do It

1. Download file and unzip to your Windows PC desktop
2. Find on your desktop the folder called Themes you just unzipped
3. Connect your WS1001(clone) to a small USB connector
4. Wait for the Windows PC to find device
5. Open file manager and look for device called NAND
6. Click on NAND and now you should see all the files on your WS1001(clone)
7. Now look for the Themes folder on your WS1001(clone)
8. Now got to your windows desktop and drag(copy) the Themes folder to the WS1001(clone)
9. It will copy over the files and at times prompt you for overwrite
10.Once it is finished now reboot and voila you have a new cleaner smarter display :-)
Remember it is not a firmware upgrade :-)

Thanks Brian, kindly PIN this so that we can update or view this anytime. Thanks

Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by gwwilk on Yesterday at 11:57:43 PM »
Not sure what to expect tomorrow here in Lincoln, NE.  This is currently the most optimistic forecast:
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Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by ValentineWeather on Yesterday at 11:45:46 PM »
We need everyone to report temperature drops. Somewhere with full sun along with low humidity like mountainous regions will likely have largest drop.   
Ambient Weather Station / Re: WS-1001 Clone - frequency and reset options
« Last post by Aussie Susan on Yesterday at 10:56:27 PM »
Not an easy question to answer - I have not seen it flash but that could be due to other reasons (such as the strange angle I have to be on relative to the device to see where the led is and I an not certain I could see it flash form there, even if it did).
I'll try tonight (brrrr - standing in the cold and wet for even 16 seconds is not appealing!) and see if I can see anything but I'm really not hopeful.
That is awesome. I will give it a shot. My only problem with the Osprey unit (not wifi related) so far is the wind direction. With the added resistance they put on the vane it does not give an accurate reading at low wind speeds. The internal wifi of the console seems pretty solid.

YES!  It connects without ANY issues.  Just choose WS-1600-IP as the station type and all is well.  AW is not yet selling the WS-1600-IP but it IS the Osprey outdoor unit with an indoor sensor unit along with the ObserverIP (ie same as WS-1400-IP but with the Osprey outdoor unit).
Earth Sciences / Re: Solar Eclipse.
« Last post by Jasiu on Yesterday at 09:56:16 PM »
Latest from NWS Riverton WY discussion (4:15MDT):

Northern shortwave will push another front southward tonight with
potential for concentrated smoke along and behind it. This smoke
may limit visibility from Riverton to Casper on Monday morning
possibly hampering or at least changing the look of the sky around
the eclipse. One other feature to watch is thinning band of
higher clouds that is forecast by some of the guidance to be
between the Wind River Basin and Casper around totality time. It
may be clearing the Wind River Basin/Riverton vicinity in time and
then possibly affect the Casper area between 11 and noon. May be
a rather narrow band then but there could be some concern for
viewing in this narrow cloud feature. Otherwise, just smoky/hazy
and mostly sunny. Isolated storms possible in swrn Sweetwater

They also have an eclipse-specific page at:
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