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Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: MB FTP to two different servers?
« Last post by lobsterman on Today at 10:41:23 PM »
OK, I see that option but am not sure how it works. Can you point me to some examples?
Blitzortung / Re: Website possibly using Blitzortung data
« Last post by Cutty Sark Sailor on Today at 10:35:04 PM »
Why don't you? :evil:
Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: MB FTP to two different servers?
« Last post by Bushman on Today at 10:34:18 PM »
Use a "script" event rather than an FTP
This is probably a stupid question -- but, why does my Vantage VUE console not show the outside temp at times?  All other parameters are shown -- but the temp comes and goes.  I would think if the battery needed replacing I would get some warning or other parameters would also be missing.
Thanks for your thoughts,

Perhaps you could also post a picture of the regular screen (preferably when the temp is "gone", but OK any way).
Meteohub/Meteobridge / MB FTP to two different servers?
« Last post by lobsterman on Today at 10:22:38 PM »
I have my MB unit working well and wonder if it can be configured to upload via FTP to two different servers? I note I can create a second FTP service but cannot see how to setup the FTP user/pwd details for the second site.

UPDATE: this was just pointed out to me:
When you want to upload data to another FTP server, you can use a fully qualified URL-like FTP notation in the "Path" field. Format of the FTP URI has to be: ftp://user:password@host:port/path. Please notice that none of the elements is allowed to miss. Example:
Google "La Nina/El Nino hindcast"
Earlier this year I did a wireshark capture of the data packets that is being sent to WU.

GET /weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?ID=X&PASSWORD=x&tempf=84.1&humidity=75&dewptf=76.3&windchillf=81.1&winddir=99&windspeedmph=0.00&windgustmph=0.00&rainin=0.00&dailyrainin=0.00&weeklyrainin=0.00&monthlyrainin=0.00&yearlyrainin=23.54&solarradiation=33.56&UV=0&indoortempf=84.2&indoorhumidity=72&baromin=30.03&lowbatt=0&dateutc=2017-7-8%200:40:17&softwaretype=Weather%20logger%20V3.0.8&action=updateraw&realtime=1&rtfreq=5 HTTP/1.0
Accept: */*
Connection: Close

Indoor temp and humidity are being sent, what they do with it is a mystery  :eek:.
BTW, my indoor sensor was outside on my porch, hence the high temp.
My gut tells me that such forecasts have the accuracy of a warped slide rule! Woops, I just dated myself!  Seriously, have there been studies comparing such forecasts to actual results? I would hope us amateur weather folks with PWSs are helping the professional weather folks model such forecasts!
Blitzortung / Website possibly using Blitzortung data
« Last post by sacreyweather on Today at 08:11:58 PM »
Hi Folks,

Came across this site possibly using Blitz data.

Found this reference in the HTML:

<div class="modal fade" id="blitzortung" tabindex="-1" role="dialog" aria-labelledby="blitzortung-label" aria-hidden="true"> says it is based out of Omega, OK

Anyone heard of this site before? Do we need to inform Tobi/Egon?

Gene,I don't know what the numbers mean but I had a similar thing happen to my Abient display(display died)replaced it and all is well.  Display was around 5 years old.

Hope you get it figured out.

CP Ron
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