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Very nice. From your experience is it possible to have a map with lightning’s like Blitzortung have?

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I’m not currently aware of anything however I see no reason why not in the future it could happen has the latitude and longitude is sent via the api . I guess currently hardware testing is taking priority but there existing hardware for coastal network data is viewable on a map. So who knows it is certainly feasible.


Very nice. From your experience is it possible to have a map with lightning’s like Blitzortung have?

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NOAA Weather Radio Org Quality / Reliability Tools


Now Live and Available for NOAA Weather Radio Org Stream Providers

Initial Release Overview and examples at this thread:
Weather Web Resources / And Finally... NWROrg Stream Stars!
« Last post by NWROrg Team on Today at 01:47:29 AM »

The QRA suite automatically Awards or Demotes within a 7 date analysis.
This is from the 'administration' monitor.. not available otherwise

QRA developed by Doug Chappelle, Chappelle Weather
who spent much time, energy, and hair pulling to develop this...
even though plagued by numerous gremlins, frustrations,
and the constant nagging from a certain team member, still managed to pull this off!
Doug earns 5 NWRarrrrgh stars for survival.

Special thanks to Ken True who keeps everything tied together,
who developed and releases the NWROrg PWS templates to
valid provider websites upon request. Without him and the
other NWRorg team members, this would never be possible.



(click image to view a DEMO example)

Weather Web Resources / Your Home Page and Quality History
« Last post by NWROrg Team on Today at 01:46:28 AM »

ONLINE Reports and Tools
Available ONLINE Only, by Unique Private Link Access, these will NOT work with Internet Explorer, any version. A WebAudio API compatible browser must be used... Firefox, Chrome, e.g.

When you access your private 'home' page, among some other info, you will see this:

Select any date to review your log for that date as in the example

Weather Web Resources / EMAIL Alerts or Notifications
« Last post by NWROrg Team on Today at 01:45:55 AM »

Email Notifications
Available to providers by subscription



Available now,
for NWROrg Stream Providers ONLY...
A suite of tools to enable all providers to judge performance, reliability and quality, and receive notification of extended 'non-availability or possible quality issues' for example.

This initial QRA suite release consists of four divisions:
Email Notifications, Online Reports and Tools, and an Administration section.
The fourth division is the NWROrg Star Stream icons for consistently reliable and good quality streams.

Email Notifications, and Online Reports /Tools are available for all verified providers of NWR streams listed on NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio (NOAA Weather Radio Org)

Important Note: The ONLINE suite of reports and tools MUST be accessed with a WebAudio API compatible browser.  This includes most newer browsers, BUT EXCLUDES ALL VERSIONS OF Internet Explorer.

The following posts illustrate a quick overview of what is currently available with the QRA suite.

How Do I get it? Subscribe / Sign UP Read the form thoroughly. Non validated streams / providers may experience a delay.
Web access is unique to YOU. If you lose your link code, you'll need to resubscribe. If You provide multiple streams, you MUST submit a separate form for each stream.

Can I get More Info? Certainly! Click Here!
For Sale/Wanted / VP 2 Plus listing
« Last post by PaulMy on Today at 12:29:48 AM »
Not sure what world they are from
$5,192.68 is a bit steep.  [size=78%]Our dollar is not trading that low![/size]

Blitzortung / Re: My order arrived.
« Last post by UrbanStation on Yesterday at 11:48:46 PM »
 =D> Excellent news! Best of luck & Merry Christmas!
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