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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 reception
« Last post by Aardvark on Today at 04:38:46 PM »
your supercap on your ISS board out doors could be failing.   there are two theories,  one is to replace the supercap if you are handy with a solder iron and the other is to replace the unit.

In the US, there are a number of places that sell it cheaper than Davis, my favorite is Scaled Instruments in Florida. Good price and great service.   The new board comes as the back half, with a new antenna.  You have to pull out the foam plug and feed your sensor wires out.  Hang on to the solar panel as it doesn't come with one.  Davisnet has a video on how to replace it.  I have done it twice and it is no big deal.   The fact that the video exists seems to  tell me that this is a thing that happens.    I see you are in Portugal and there are places that someone here might suggest to go for parts, or to order it  internationally.   Make sure that if you do buy the ISS , it is of the same type as your receiver, that is if it is EU, then you have to get the EU version

I guess there is a third option, you can bat this around with various retired engineers that frequent this board for several weeks or month, before you decide to either replace the super cap or the board.   I would replace the board as it is possible that the transmitter is also failing.

I did replace the supercap myself.   I had broken my arm in a winter fall, so I bought a new ISS unit and then when all was healed, put in the new supercap and now use it for a soil surface thermometer   and it works fine.

Your choice ,  and you are welcome.
You wonder if they are allowing this stuff to occur on purpose, an easy way to just allows users to "go away" because they are flat out NOT going to fix any of this...
I talked to Davis tech support and the guy I talked to agreed that the info in the app says the app updates every 10 minutes but he has never known it to do that. So the app as it now stands does not update. You basically have to restart it each time. He also mentioned a new app coming out soon.
Incredibly annoying. I like the surface/Fronts map.
Makes me wonder when WU will collapse all together.
I've never been able to understand the need (or desire) to upload more than once or twice per hour.

Simple: anemometer updates...
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: Weatherlink Mobile not updating
« Last post by johnd on Today at 02:58:58 PM »
Don't know about the Android version, but the iOS one sometimes needs a switch to another station and then back to the one of interest to trigger a refresh.

But AIUI a new version of the WL Mobile apps is due for existing users in the coming months.
Hi Ken,

Yep not your issue with this but with WU.  Wonder if there may be other resources that has the same animated GIF images out there?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. It is dark and rainy here so far today but the turkey is being cooked.


--Stan Y.
   Maui, Hawaii
This is a WU problem.. they aren't reliably generating a fixed GIF image of the radar.  Sometimes, the animated GIF is available when the fixed GIF is not.  It's not something the script can fix...sorry.
Hi All,

Yep, mine has been on and off most of the time during the past couple of weeks now and getting to be more off than on in the past few days. Guess WU issues with this.


--Stan Y.
   Maui, Hawaii
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