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So what is the purpose to all of this whirlpool theory?
It is believed that the maximum tides are formed in the new moon and the minimum tides are formed in a quadrature. Has anyone tested this? (Minimal tides are formed in a full moon)?

trying to rejuvenate my setup that has been left unloved for a few years.

The window sensor of my WMR100 is not working. The batteries had corroded, I fixed that, I now get 6 V at the PCB inside the sensor (yes, I opened it) and when I insert the batteries the red LED blinks once, but never again?

Is that normal, don't recall anymore how it was?

Does it blink regularly or only when there is wind?

I suppose it is dead and not worth my time to re-open and try to figure out the problem.

So is the WGR800 compatible with the WMR100 base station?

Searching the web it looks like it should be.

Does the WGR800 contain temp and humidity sensors like the WMR100 wind sensor or do I need to get an extra sensor for those?

If not, which one is recommended for outside usage?

Thanks for your attention.

Weather Photography / Re: Cold front thunder strikes
« Last post by eyecue on Yesterday at 10:45:42 PM »
 :arrow: For Friday - June 22, 2018 !

Other Weather Topics / Re: WXtoIMG
« Last post by J3rsdm5 on Yesterday at 10:24:27 PM »
My apologies for resurrecting an old thread, brand new here. :) This issue has started bugging me; I would GLADLY pay for a key, yet as previously mentioned, the site is down... I am able to get it occasionally working with the released keys if I change the date back to 2015, but it's extremely finicky, and changing the date interferes with other basic operations of the program, like map overlays. :/  RunAsDate doesn't seem to work either.

Has anyone been able to find a solution to this since the last post? Since the owner seems to have released WXtoIMG as freeware, perhaps could someone who purchased the software long ago be willing to search their email for a key?   :grin:

Thank you so much!

(Awesome to know that there are weather enthusiasts out there!  :grin: I'm here from the railroad enthusiast forums; some people say we're the weirdest of the bunch! :P )
Yep, got it connected to both now again.  Hope it stays working! :)
All three sites (Ambient, WU & WC) are working for me now, so I'm going to guess they will be working for you.

Now if I can just figure out why what I'm seeing outside is the exact opposite from what my station tells me I should be seeing.   :eek:
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Error in WU-forecast.php
« Last post by LeFuet on Yesterday at 07:28:47 PM »
Thank you very much, it looks very good so far! I could not have done that without you!

Best regards
I finally was able to update mine as well to 4.0.2.  Thank you all who helped.  Wonder if weathercloud will work now? hmm.
Glad to hear that the new firmware works. Thank you Stryder.
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