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Display xtraTemp1 in Saratoga Templates
« on: December 15, 2017, 09:24:57 AM »
I have a seawater temp input from a second temp sensor transmitted from a wireless Davis 6332. How do I pick up that value to display it in the Saratoga Templates? The uploading device is a Meteobridge. The MB Live Data displays it as Outdoor temp #1.

I imagine I have to insert it in the HTTP upload to conds.php (like [th0temp-act]), but what is the format for the extraTemp1: th1temp-act?
Then there are the other th0temp items: [th0temp-val60:--],[th0temp-dmax],[th0temp-dmaxtime],[th0temp-dmin],[th0temp-dmintime]; where would I place the th1temp items in the upload URL?

 Then I imagine I also have to modify the genMBtags.php file too, yes?

Couldn't find a tutorial on this and would appreciate pointers if such exists.
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