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Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Fall/Winter '17-'18
« Last post by Aardvark on Today at 08:22:20 PM »
This is the week in Des Moines.   The motto, is  "Don't like the weather? Wait a day, it will change."
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by jpk1018 on Today at 08:13:47 PM »
Still getting this with the webcam FTP 421 50 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry 6:15 mt

I could be wrong, the problem could have existed since the release of the VP2, and the correlation between the cold and dropouts just happened to be made fairly recently, as far as I can tell, despite the years in use and the popularity of the station.  It is possible, unexplained dropouts have existed all along.  Just seems that if that large of a percentage of units are affected as it would seem, it would have been apparent before now.

Just curious, has anyone compared the reception of an affected VP2 console from a Vue ISS?

Yes, I made a detailed post on this very page ( comparing the VP2 console reception to the Vue.

As far as how old this issue is, here's a thread dated January 2014:;topicseen#msg211815. Notice "cold" is only mentioned one time in that thread. It's framed as a battery problem even though the issue is occurring during a cold snap in the winter and he had replaced the CR123a battery just weeks before.

Mid-identifying the cause can be expected since the problem is counter-intuitive. Doubt is probably the most natural reaction to it. I doubted until I noticed I had received 2 out of 2 consoles 2.5yrs apart with the same issue). Searching for something people don't report or don't consistently describe is difficult.

Here are some other threads going back as far as 2009 that could be the same issue:
Weather Display / Re: Weather Display and Vantage Vue
« Last post by waiukuweather on Today at 08:10:08 PM »
you can set the starting rain totals under
control panel
offsets and initial rain

make sure to click on set, next to where you enter the rain totals
then finally click on Yes, top right hand corner
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: AcuRite Access??
« Last post by Glenn on Today at 08:04:29 PM »
Mine came today! Fairly easy setup on MyAcurite. Did you guys just unplug your SmartHub and run the access? Did you remove the hub from your MyAcurite account?
Weather Display / Re: Weather Display and Vantage Vue
« Last post by dsscheibe on Today at 08:04:04 PM »
I'm trying WD right now, VWS 15 keeps crashing in windows 10, used VWS for years.  Only real issue I've had so far is getting the yearly rain updated. I filled in the rain and it didn't show, tried again a few times but no luck.  Then it started showing 3.9" for the day when it was .55" for the year so far.. Also have a Vantage Pro2, WD has a lot more menus than VWS. Was a bit annoying I had to put my latitude and longitude in several places. I would have stayed with VWS if it was not crashing every few hours.
New, fresh webcam, in our weather network, in Kontovounia, Western Taygetos mountain, 1612m

Hey everybody, this is a nice scene when weather is clear...but man, when the snow hits this place looks really desolate as in "Andes Plane Crash Site" or something on that order!!!!!!!!  Nice shot!!!
Weather Photography / Re: Mid-January Cold...
« Last post by ValentineWeather on Today at 07:55:53 PM »
The fact its 14 warmer than yesterday is just wrong.
Weather Photography / Re: Mid-January Cold...
« Last post by Intheswamp on Today at 07:53:17 PM »
19 and feeling very nice....that'll take me a LOT of getting used to!!!  :shock:

My wife is spending the night with our daughter and granddaughters.  The snow is supposed to be here in the wee hours of the morning so naturally I told my wife to put me on speakerphone so I could say something to the granddaughters (age 2.5/7/10).  I told them to be sure and stay up so they could see it snow.<grin>  I know my wife and daughter appreciated that.<BIG GRIN>  Then I asked them if they had their bathing suits on (just kidding with them about the cold).  Well, the head-strong 2.5 yo granddaughter immediately put in to wanting her bathing suit on.  I told everybody to have fun and left them with it.  :lol:

11.5F and dropping?...I'd be the one dropping!!!!
Weather Photography / Re: Mid-January Cold...
« Last post by ValentineWeather on Today at 07:50:30 PM »
This is just wrong.... :sad:
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