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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 FARS airflow
« Last post by WxLover16 on Today at 04:32:14 PM »
As for as response time it was the same as with the fan as long as the wind was up around 3 or 4 mph and was a little slower with no wind. In the am the readings were always the same for temp and humidity as the one with the fan running.

That is really surprising to me, since knowing how the 24hr was designed; without any air being pulled in, the air would become more stagnant that it would be in a passive shield and it would get warmer and warmer.
Ambient Weather Station / Re: 1 ObserverIP / 2 Outdoor Sensor Arrays ??
« Last post by MrM1 on Today at 04:22:51 PM »
Have you ever compared the indoor and outdoor temps of the WS-1001 and WS-0900?  How do the 2 systems (4 units: 2 indoor / 2 outdoor) compare? 
Just be aware that if using two of the same model (ex: WS-1200) the Observer may sync with the different indoor sensors if they are close together.

I have two different models, WS-1001 and WS-0900 and each has its own ObserverIP.  There was an issue that one ObserverIP keep grabbing the indoor sensor of the other unit.   The way around was to one sync one array and sensors to an ObserverIP at a time.  Then put the batteries in the second unit and sensors and sync with the second OberserverIP.

The dashboard goes by the MAC address of each unit.
Ambient Weather Station / Re: 1 ObserverIP / 2 Outdoor Sensor Arrays ??
« Last post by MrM1 on Today at 03:46:17 PM »
Thanks    =D>
Is there are part number for the entire Temp/humidity sensor ... or does it have to be built in parts both the humidity and temp separate.  My new 1400's temp is dead one day and active but off the next day.  Was thinking of rebuilding it, but it would be easier just to do a plug and play with the combo rather than solder on the temp probe.

But basically ... I want to rebuild (or replace) the entire Temp / humidity Sensor.  As I read here ... If I want to rebuild it I will need ??? ...

Humidity Part

Temp Sensor Part
Weather Web Site Help / Re: Updating HamWeather Tropical Plugin
« Last post by Tesla on Today at 03:21:59 PM »
It is dependent on four different packages, but I've installed them all into one folder.  All you have to do is upload that folder in the zip to your server and then open the index.php in your browser to run.  There is a setup readme text file also in the zip.  Thanks for taking a look.  It is quite complex.
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Summer/Winter 2017
« Last post by CW2274 on Today at 02:48:47 PM »
I briefly hit 117F (47C) yesterday and the day before. Hottest since I've owned my PWS.
(can I connect 2 arrays to the Ambient dash board with only 1 Observerip?) ... or do I need 1 Module for Each Array?  Thanks.

No, you would need a separate OberseverIP for each array.
I've been offline for a while, so obviously haven't replied, but thanks to those with the kind words.
As far as questions about the fan WxLover and I use, it is rated for 70,000 hrs (about 8 years) of continuous use in temps well above even what I get, and mine has been in perfect continual use for two years.  As far as drying out the sensor, truly couldn't say, but the 31 does drop quickly when it gets to about 3-4%, (as I've stated in another thread) compared to the ASOS's around me, but I've found that acceptable considering it absolutely rocks above that. Even <3% is not too common here, so I can live with it, especially when compared to my SHT11 and 15. The 67 CFM is not too much IMHO (I think my obs prove that), as long as the fan is NOT sealed in, but it absolutely need not that much power to be effective. I chose this fan not just for it's performance in my heat, but the red LED located on the ISS that tells me the fan is getting power 24/7, so I'll know if the GFI has tripped. Very convenient! The ONLY downside is more cleaning of the sensor and chamber. I'll take it!
Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: TP-Link freeze up
« Last post by arrowspace90 on Today at 02:25:14 PM »
I see, you're saying the TP link is not backwards compatible with my data cable which must be USB 1.0?
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