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And to answer the first question in my opening post, the UVI values are correctly transmitted as 0.0 now, in darkness. It seems the ISS needs to sense something above zero UVI before it decides to have a UV sensor.

Not sure if this will help or even applies, but there is a supposed to be a correction somewhere that if it senses less than 0.5 UV, it will cut off the value to straight 0. So it needs at least 0.5 UV to start reporting.
And how long is the hubless model going to work before they find a way to make it obsolete?

Given that the upload program is embedded in the console's electronics, I suspect that WU will be the entity making it obsolete by July.....
AcuRite Weather Stations / Shipping
« Last post by Tylerpod on Today at 09:32:47 PM »
A few days ago I used the 90 dollar discount to get the access cause why not I paid to have the thing by the 19th I still haven't even got an email saying it shipped and they are in stock. Anyone else having shipping problems?
It would be nice if the $90 upgrade coupon that some of us got from Acurite (actually worth $88.63 when I used it) could be used to buy this, since this bare bones 1538 system is all i really want right now. But the coupon will only work for Access hub purchases or bundles including the Access hub.

I bought a bundle last week consisting of Access hub and Pro 5in one, sale price $149, with coupon $61, so that I effectively got a spare 5in1 for a cost of $21.
Not bad, but this week I just might have spent the extra $38 total $99 plus tax at Homedepot for the 1538 system and bypassed the need for any hub. Funny thing my current smarthub and pro 5in1 cost me $99 in a super deal from WU and Acurite a year ago. And how long is the hubless model going to work before they find a way to make it obsolete?
Weather Web Cam Links / home made skycam
« Last post by Michaelpt on Today at 09:09:26 PM »
hi everyone 

my skycam has been out side since 2012

it's been running 24 - 7 and is working very well 
some time ago, I update my website which is using the meteotemplate.
this template has an amazing plug-in for the skycam images

some time next month, I am hoping to refurbish the unit  will
update my website with photos,

the skycam images are very good has you can see what the weather has been like

the skycam cost about  40.00 to build

click on this link to  see the video and images, you need
to click on the calendar


Speaking of manual pages, here's the new 1538 docs straight from Acu-Rite:
My Home depot has only one. This will make a nice station starter.

I'd be careful.  The manual pages on the HD $99 web page were all for a 1536 model, not the 1538.  If it's too good to be true, it is probably a typo.  The 1536 has USB though, for whatever that's worth.....
My Home depot has only one. This will make a nice station starter.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: SmartHUB data costs
« Last post by nincehelser on Today at 06:37:20 PM »
There have been some reports of trouble with wunderground the last week or so.  Typical yo-yo stuff.  Nothing widespread, though.

George, I  can't understand why Acurite would sell the old one panel 5 in 1? Didn't they upgrade to the 2 panel design because the 1 panel design failed to give accurate data?

Not everyone benefits from the two-panel unit.  In many parts of the US, a single-panel unit can work just as well as a two-panel unit.  Maybe even better.  It all comes down to the angle of the sun over the course of a year.

As a general rule, the two-panel unit tends to work better as you move further south.  That's because it catches the sun better in the early morning and late evening to keep the aspiration fan running longer.

As you move further north, the single-panel unit tends to work just fine.  Some have found the two-panel design is worse up north, particularly around solar noon, and have reverted back to the single panel.

I've been running both single and two-panel units in Nebraska and Texas.  It doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference for me.

So... Acurite give you options by offering both.  You can save a few bucks if the single panel unit works fine for you.


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