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WeatherUnderground / Re: moving map locks up browser
« Last post by bdh on Today at 10:57:15 PM »
I just loaded firefox and I am able to drag map around and everything updates and it does no lock up browser, I guess I will have to run fire fox now just for weather Underground has to be a flash problem because edge wont work either.

I run a auto refresh from the add on menu in the browser for refresh set anywhere from 900 to 1800 seconds did that in chrome and also added to firefox

Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Sun Moon Error from USNO
« Last post by Jasiu on Today at 10:15:55 PM »
It appears to be back. Earlier today I was getting occasional responses, but taking ~95s or so. Now it is responding normally.
I finally got it all configured. I made a few changes to the template. Mainly, I simplified some stuff on the desktop version and added a few things to the mobile version:

Weather Station Pictures / Re: My Heathkit ID 5001
« Last post by slgelectric on Today at 06:52:54 PM »
I am looking for any ID-5001, for parts or ?
well considering I already have a MB it seems like I made a good choice (assuming I donít mind having paid the extra money) buying a WeatherLink IP as it can handle ďeasyĒ uploads to WU etc every 15 minutes but still letís me later experiment with hooking it up to my MB and seeing if I canít get rapid fire updates working.
6. MB can be set to allow a time frame (down to 1 minute) within which WLIP has an opening to upload to MB can upload to WU from a minimum of 5 seconds up 
Would really HELP if everybody used the SAME words/terminologies for parameters!

QFE = Raw = STA = Local
QNH = ALT = Altimeter
QFF = SLP = Sea Level

QFF ≈ (QNH = QFE*(ISA elevation correction))
I think I get it. Both my WLIP AND Meteobridge can be connected via Ethernet to the same switch that then connects to my router. Then the Meteobridge could control the WLIP.

So then here comes question 6...

6. Did I read right that somehow the MB controls the WLIP and then can directly upload to WU and others at the rapid fire rate yet somehow turn off control every few minutes to allow the WLIP to still upload directly to Davis WL 2.0?
Blitzortung / Re: Plug and play -ish?
« Last post by Cutty Sark Sailor on Today at 05:52:07 PM »
Blitzortung RED and BLUE systems only require an internet connection.... The GUI, that is settings, etc, is accessed from a PC or other device through either WAN or LAN, but is NOT necessary at all for the system to function once optimized, you'd access for setup, changes, local observation of operation, etc...
This is not your father's Blitzortung....  :D
There are incredible difference between what you had,... I assume a Green???

PM me.
5. The WLIP connects to your router, the Meteobridge connects to your router, which may or may not be through another switch/hub etc so in effect both a directly connected. The MB then controls the WLIP as far as uploading to Davis etc. If the WLIP was connected to the MB port then you would have no internet connection for either which totally defeats the purpose. 

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