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Weather Radios / Re: 8550RX failure
« Last post by eyecue on Today at 12:18:24 PM »
Thank you , that is what I had figured it was. 

Should i expect schematics on the copied version anytime soon???  \:D/ :lol: (tongue in cheek)

I'm hoping that the measurements I made will help one of the electronics whizzes here come up with a circuit. :)

OTOH, that potting is making me curious. For some reason, I always thought it was rubber, like on the temp/hum sensor. It's not, it's black poured rigid epoxy. :(
My adult daughter's Ambient WS-1400-IP became a victim of a near-by lightning strike a bit over a week ago.  Not a direct hit, but it killed the transmitter section on the sensor array.  With Ambient's out-of-stock situation on the replacement sensor array and the previous release of the WS-2902 station (Fine Offset WH-2900), I already figured that a replacement to the 5in1 sensor stack was at hand.  I liked what I saw in the WS-2902 sensor package (ie the offset of the sensors from one another and the larger anemometer) and the price was nice.  On the Fine Offset page, I noted that Fine Offset also offered a version of the Osprey sensor package WITHOUT the display using what Ambient sells as the ObserverIP, which my daughter already owned from the WS-1400-IP.  FYI we also have a Meteobridge server between the ObserverIP and the internet so as to serve more than just WU and Ambient's site.

So, we made a decision to gamble a bit by ordering the Ambient WS-2902 station in hopes that it would communicate with her existing ObserverIP.  Worst case, the WS-2902 had the ability to send out via WiFi to several hosting sites from its display. 

While the WS-2902 sensor array is all plastic, it is nicely executed and an improvement over the older 5in1 array.  On power, it immediately connected to the ObserverIP and I thought all was well, until I discovered NO anemometer readings.  I rebooted the sensor stack, and the ObserverIP but same, no anemometer, situation.  As the anemometer WAS reporting to the supplied display unit, I knew it was not the anemometer itself.  FYI, I was running firmware 4.1.9 on the ObserverIP which had been the latest only a few days ago.  On a lark, I checked Ambient's site and discovered version 4.2 firmware for the ObserverIP had been released with a number of bug fixes, so it was worth a try.  Not sure exactly what was fixed, but with version 4.2 installed and set to WS-1400-IP as the station type, ALL the readings went LIVE!  I did discover that the anemometer on the WS-2902 is a 2 pulse / rev vs the older sensor stack's 1 pulse / rev, but that was easily corrected in the ObserverIP calibration (ie factor set to .5).  We had never been totally happy with the wind vane and anemometer setup on the WS-1400 sensor stack as the anemometer reacted poorly at low wind speeds and it influenced the wind vane as it spun.  The WS-2902 obviously corrected the wind vane issue and I have found that it is WAY more damped than the old wind vane (ie less perturbed by minute variations in wind direction especially at low wind speeds).  The WS-2902 anemometer is WAY more sensitive to low wind speeds properly registering even well below 1MPH where the old WS-1400 stack would just stop at around 3-4MPH. 

Really happy with the WS-2902 and glad I played my hunch that the ObserverIP would properly receive the sensor signals.  This also gave my daughter a nice color display for only $20 more than Ambient wanted for the replacement sensor array for the WS-1400!

I have to admit, the AcuRite Atlas Elite had it been shipping would have been a temptation, but AcuRite's older 5in1 system certainly does not inspire confidence, based on user feedback that the Elite will not have issues. It is obvious that they are aiming at the Davis Vantage Pro2 and I would assume at a lower price point.  However, should the Elite live up to expectations, it may well be the unit to own!
Block Update – Station Data 8.1

Weather Radios / Re: 8550RX failure
« Last post by jimform2k1 on Today at 10:08:05 AM »
I have the same issue.  Someone posted this:

One thing.. the power level or  constant, piercing tone of the alert tone is blowing your little 1.5w coil based speakers. I thought my radio had died until I plugged headphones into it and found it was still doing its job. I figured it was an intermitting 1/8" jack bypass switch.. so I cleaned that out and resoldered it. No dice. Checked the 8ohm 1.5W speaker.. open.. hmm.. hooked up a headphone to the speaker terminals.. bingo. Bad speaker.

I replaced your design with a bit beefier 3w/8ohm 1.5" driver out of an old Rat Shack tape recorder. Works like a charm now.
Tech Corner / Re: El Cheapo Digital Thermometer
« Last post by DaleReid on Today at 09:34:51 AM »
LFWC (sorry, I don't know your name)
Looks like a neat rig.  Have you done the side by side comparison with the two sensors to see how close they track?  Or the freezing water test?

Thanks for sharing.  It is amazing how many temp and rain gauges that are available in the local Menards, Lowes, Home Depot and farm stores like Farm and Fleet and Fleet Farm, too, in addition to the specialty places.

Thanks again,
Looks like the same (or similar) problem has returned.

I live in The Bahamas and I can't get past the first page when signing up - when I click "Save and Continue", it immediately blanks out the Lat/Lon boxes and doesn't go to the next step.

Have tried every possible combination of platform (Mac, PC and iOS) and browser (Safari, Chrome and Explorer), same exact result.

I have Dan at (great guy!) and Kari at WU working on a solution to this vexing issue. The strange thing is that when they do it at their end, it works...but at my end (and, apparently several other folks) it won't work. It is obvious (to me at least), that the web form is at fault.

I am almost at the point where I will ask someone in N. America to enter my info to get the Camera ID, then I will take it from there LOL

There are lots of WU webcams here in The Bahamas, so obviously they signed up just like I am trying to do. So, why doesn't mine work?

Hoping I can get this solved - I have a brand new Ambient Weather HD3 that I can't use.  :sad:

TL;DR  WU "Add webcam form" doesn't work.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Looking at a Davis 6152
« Last post by danb35 on Today at 08:18:26 AM »
As to the "send your data to the web" question, there are a few options:
  • Davis WeatherLink IP.  Most expensive, but plug it into your console, then into your network.  Set up with your account information and you're pretty much online.
  • Otherwise, some combination of USB cable and software on some kind of computer.  Cable options:
    • Davis WeatherLink USB cable/data logger.  Overpriced.
    • @BelfryBoy's clone of the Davis cable.  Still considerably more expensive than a USB cable should need to be, but Davis deliberately makes it hard to hook up a computer to the console.
  • Computer/software options:
    • Your PC, running one of many possible software packages.  If you buy the Davis USB cable, it will come with their Weatherlink software; reviews on that don't seem to be very good.  Cumulus is one that seems to get good reviews; Weather Display is another.
    • Meteobridge, running on a small, inexpensive, low-power router.  Meteobridge is custom firmware that's installed in place of the router's stock firmware, and will read the data from your console and upload it pretty much wherever you want.
    • A Raspberry Pi running WeeWX.  The Raspberry Pi is a small, inexpensive, low-power computer that typically runs Linux (though other operating systems are available).  WeeWX is software that will read the data from your console and do many things with it, including uploading it pretty much wherever you want.

The most "plug-and-play" option would be the Weatherlink IP.  Not quite as plug-and-play, but quite a bit less expensive and more flexible, would probably be the Meteobridge ($66 for BelfryBoy's cable, shipped; $20 or so for the used router to install the Meteobridge firmware on, about $75 for Meteobridge).

VERSION 3.4-X5c (Saturday 22nd July 2017) Updated
  - "Its never perfect but we try " without the feedback you send in I would never see half of the issues.More eyes the better !
  - New Cloudbase "Relative" Indicator" minor fixes added to css output and alignment. main.dark.css, main.color.css, main.light.css
  - New Cloudbase "Relative" Indicator" three files updated cloudbase.php, solar1.php, solar2.php . improved positioning of height value
  - You can simply replace the six files mentioned above no need to do full update if on version 34-X5c .
  - Download the six files from *please note they are only valid for Version 34-X5c !! .

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Davis bucket calibration
« Last post by Mattk on Today at 03:17:02 AM »
....So by your reasoning even if the tipper can handle 6" an hour just as accurately as 2"
Who said it can?
The people who do this as a profession and respected opinions to back it up. What is your basis?

An opinion doesn't back anything up.
OK. We'll just stick with all your facts.

Now don't be like that, all I want is your justification not some opinion that is third hand.
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