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FWIW the published literature shows most capacitive sensors go WET above about 90F, asking for "exactness" might be futile...for now.
Ok new info on the nist calibration check on the 31, that previous info was old stuff and Ryan got an email from Davis and the new info is a 3 point check of +/- 1% at 33% and 80% and +/-2% at 90%. Looks a little better but i think they should have included one around 97%. When you look at a lot of the sensors most of the really good readings are confined to 30 to 90%, not many give much in the way of a good shot of accuracy about 90%.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by bagocina on Today at 04:47:08 PM »
Hi, I'm having an odd problem with our WU PWS page ( over the weekend. Our station has disappeared from the Radar Map and the Current Conditions for it have been static the whole time, yet the Weather History Graphs farther down on the PWS page are updating fine.

The station is a HOBO RX3003 cellular unit which uploads to HOBOlink, which then feeds the data to WU. It's been reactivated and running since mid-April, with no webcam involved. A test of the feed on the HOBOlink site came back "successful," and it's clear from the updating graphs on WU that WU is getting data. But the Radar Map and the Current Conditions are not updating, and the station's related "weather sticker" widgets are present but data-less.

Looking for a solution. Any help appreciated. The problem is making our public kiosks look embarrassing...

Rich K.

I have same problem about 5-6 days with my PWS ( Current conditions not updating but graph and table updating correctly. I wrote to support, but they answered only once, that is my issues with PWS and never more. Today I saw new issue with each PWS on whole WU. Randomly is not available PWS pages (attached image).
WeatherUnderground / Re: You Currently Have No Stations?
« Last post by Aardvark on Today at 03:10:10 PM »
I guess the only thing I can do is wait it out.  I only send weather conditions to them.     :roll:
WeatherUnderground / Re: You Currently Have No Stations?
« Last post by JaredC15 on Today at 02:45:46 PM »
The main page seems broken now. The drop down menu are gone at the top of the page.
WeatherUnderground / Re: You Currently Have No Stations?
« Last post by Aardvark on Today at 02:14:16 PM »
I had the same experience.  Now my webcam is gone.    I noticed that I can thin out my webcams a bit and the station sign up page is different. Once again  they are screwing around with something that worked.   
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Script for New WPC 3-7 Day Forecasts
« Last post by gwwilk on Today at 02:05:26 PM »
Tom Abell, who's always searching for interesting pages, found this page on the NWS's WPC.

I managed to scrape it and adapt it for the Saratoga template and create a Stand Alone version as well.

It wil NEVER validate, in my hands anyway, because even the NWS WPC page throws tons of errors.

It took considerable creativity to get everything sized and lined up, so there's no guarantee that the '$divWidth' parameter will work for different template widths.  Therefore if you try to use it there may be some size adjustments that you will need to do.

It's available on my scripts page as 'US 3 to 7 Day Forecasts'.
WeatherUnderground / Re: You Currently Have No Stations?
« Last post by JaredC15 on Today at 01:16:47 PM »
WeatherUnderground / Re: You Currently Have No Stations?
« Last post by ctccbc on Today at 01:05:33 PM »
WeatherUnderground is still jacked up for me at 105 pm ET. It was doing this for awhile last month, but has been pretty good for a bit. First time it has screwed up in a while.

I'm all onboard for new controller if we can get away from the Davis protocol: and change to better temp/hum sensor.  My dislike for 31 has grown especially when it runs high humidity when accuracy is critical during high heat and humidity outbreaks common many areas. 

Would have to be pretty much p&p and compatible with the existing sensor array. I would be willing to run cat5 or whatever it took doesn't need wireless for temp/hum.   
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