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WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by Toxic on Today at 10:12:29 AM »
tbh i see no point in reporting anymore issue here or elsewhere.

They are now overwhelmed with the amount of inconsistencies especially if they are a small team and certain key WU staff have moved of who were they main developers or administrators of WU in the past. I guess the takeover from IBM a few year back has had its told on Support staff and key services.

WU Staff now have their hands full of bugs and feature request to get on with.  how long this will take is an unkown.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by konz on Today at 09:50:25 AM »
This is not Johnson County its Stanton County 67855.  Common misconception. KKSJOHNS5

This happens more often and in more applications than you think because Google (the map curator) has incorrect information and is not interested in updating it.  Don't blame WU, I suspect they're merely using Google map info.  Sean or Ben may be able to confirm this.
I got an email from Relko,
"Hello Matt,

Don't worry, it is not gone. Last week our US admin changed web host and
in the process also changed domain registrar. Your PC is likely holding
the old host DNS which makes the web browser go to the wrong server.

To fix you just have to clear browser cache and most importantly, flush
Windows DNS cache. Here is a page that describes the latter procedure:

Before doing this close the browser. Once done re-open the browser and
try again:

Best regards,
Astrogenic Systems"

Sure enough it came up. Don't know why the search engine didn't work but I'm glad everything is up and running.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by miraculon on Today at 08:30:10 AM »
I cannot change the status message for my weather station. Please fix.

I have my data pulled from WU to go to my new weather website that I created after WU stated they would drop webcams. There have been 225 outages in the last week for a total of 4785 minutes.

Please bring the Roku app back. Re-instate the webcams back into the app. I would be willing to pay a yearly fee to have my camera featured in the Roku app for my rural town and the surrounding towns as it once was. Increase the max resolution to 1080p and file size of the uploaded images

By charging a fee WU could better regulate the camera's on the ROKU app (no more chicken coops!)

yeah I would love to see the roku app working.  I got my roku setup and downloaded the WU app and wank it was busted, map image not
in display box etc.   I mean while we are wishing, might as well wish big.

I have this same problem on WU with Roku. (I am a poet and didn't know it  :grin:)

My older Roku boxes display the radar "thumbnail" OK, but my newer vintage boxes (including the latest 'stick' one) put the thumbnail radar image over to the left of the screen overlaying the current weather. If I click OK, the full screen radar image displays OK.

This is an annoyance and I would appreciate a fix. I do like the WU radar depiction and check it every morning.

Greg H.
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Fall/Winter '17-'18
« Last post by WeatherHost on Today at 07:59:00 AM »
52 at the moment.  A few days ago, it was 2 at this time of morning.

WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by ocala on Today at 07:45:43 AM »
Not sure if it's been posted or not but preferences are not saved when using wundermap.
Returning to the page later all previous settings are back to default.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by Joel on Today at 05:28:11 AM »

In the field "Associated WebCam:" in the screen "Edit your PWS information:", I can select my webcam.
Unfortunately this value is not saved when I press the Save button
The station ID is IRGIONWA40

Try a different web browser or do it twice might work.

I already did it multiple times.
Using IE instead of Firefox did not fix the issue.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 shopping list
« Last post by Mattk on Today at 04:49:03 AM »
Anybody serious about data then SLC is the way to go, you do get what you pay for.
I would go straight to event viewer and look at the Microsoft error logs for application and system.  I am running 6.0.3 on the latest windows 10 updates with no issues.

Hi eyecure, where are the error logs on win 10? I can't seem to find them.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: VP2 shopping list
« Last post by johnd on Today at 03:58:51 AM »
But I read many people saying sd card is weak link.

It is one of the few weaknesses of the Pi that it doesn't have a better interface to storage devices and so you only have 3 storage options: An SD card; a USB device like a USB stick, but could also be eg a USB SSD or hard drive; or storage across the LAN somewhere.

The problem with consumer SD cards and USB sticks is that they tend to use TLC NAND memory these days, which give good value for large capacity but do have limited life if used in applications where there's constant writing of data to the card/stick. There is a solution which is the use of so-called industrial or military cards or USB sticks, which use SLC (single cell) NAND memory but these are relatively expensive, eg:

One configuration of the Pi which should work reasonably reliably is still to use an SD card as the boot device (but where it won't constantly be written back to) but use eg an industrial USB stick for storage of weather data. Although 2GB doesn't sound like much storage (except to old-timers  :-) ) it probably will go a long way for storing the relatively modest quantities of weather data that are generated. I don't know for sure whether weewx supports this configuration, but I'm pretty sure that it would.

Of course, it's always sensible to back up data, whatever medium it's stored on.
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