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Thanks for the tip! I think that will work great.
ok not much i can do to help with hidden servers . perhaps install template on public server send meteobridge data to public server and then on private server installation use the public url for MBrealtimeupload.txt . your private server should be able to see the public url of MBrealtimeupload.txt thats exactly what i do I develop on local server on desktop or laptop then using the live data url for MBrealtimeupload.txt on a public hosted server . in both easyweathersetup screens .

No worries. I just set it to inHg and that seems to work.

I agree that the US needs to switch to metric.

This is an internal server but I made it temporarily public here:

We want to setup a public server as well but we're having a problem with meteobridge:
actually you cant do that cross the metrics to non metric in barometer sorry .  wish the world would all use the same. in short not possible to do use hpa with non metric.
please always provide a url almost impossible to diagnose from screenshots check unless it really obvious. if its private server then not much i can do, if you dont want to share the url publicly  then send via email. checking my demo in non metric  cant replicate this . so need to look at data
I think I may have found a bug. Please see the attached screenshot and note the arrow on the barometer arch.
You will need to rename all three scripts and change their references to the new names.

There are two places in 'wxgr3hanis.php' where 'inc-gr3hanis.php' is called.  Change those two 'inc-gr3hanis.php' occurrences to your new 'inc...' name and save the modified 'wxgr3hanis.php' with a new name.  In your 'inc-gr3hanis.php' change the single reference to 'wxgr3hanis-iframe.php' to your new iframe script name, and obviously change the iframe script's name as well.

In summary:
1)  Change the iframe script's name by saving it unchanged as the new script while leaving the original iframe script intact;
2)  Change the single reference in the includes script to the new iframe name, and save it as your new includes script with a new name, again leaving the original script intact;
3)  Change the two references in 'wxgr3hanis.php' to 'inc-gr3hanis.php' to refer to you new includes script and save the new main script with a new name while leaving the original main script intact.

(BTW, when seeking help, providing links to the scripts in question is always a good idea.)
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Spring/Summer '18
« Last post by WxLover16 on Yesterday at 10:11:23 PM »
This must be kind of what the desert feels like with humidity down near 20%
20%? That's monsoon season! :-)

lol Touche! Humidity rarely dips below 20% here, and I don't think my weather station has ever recorded below 10% (almost certain). It would be interesting to live in your climate when it's in the 110s (and have a station and a fan to record the most accuracy as you do!). I can't even imagine what that must feel like!
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: DIY "GREEN DOT" Data Logger
« Last post by pfletch101 on Yesterday at 09:14:36 PM »
Some of the SDR heavy lifting has already been done.....

Sadly, this project appears to be a 'work in progress' that stopped progressing a couple of years ago.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Slow loading - Saratoga scripts
« Last post by baedkesj on Yesterday at 08:57:37 PM »
Thanks!  That seems to have fixed it.

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