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Air Quality Sensors / Re: Air Quality Sensors
« Last post by Eno on Today at 08:52:51 PM »
Did someone say there are phone apps for the PurpleAir? If so what it called? My Search didn't turn up any good info which is mostly what happens..  :oops:
I honestly don't know how I got this PA app on my phone, but there it is.
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I just picked up the anemometer and 6410 transmitter kit earlier this week. Had time to get it online and mounted up on my roof (the Vue is 6ft above ground). Ah what a wonderful thing to finally get accurate wind readings. Once I got the transmitter on the right channel it went as expected. Highly recommended if you've chosen be accurate on rain and temp readings over wind.

This has been discussed before in various threads so I wanted to start a specific thread about it here.

I use a Davis Vantage Vue which a great solution for a suburban weather station. However, siting can be an issue as if too low wind measurements are inaccurate, and if too high rainfall measurements are inaccurate, especially in windy conditions.

I know that the Vantage Vue console can be set to receive data from a Davis VP2 Anemometer (6410) connected to a Davis Anemometer Transmitter Kit (6332). This can be mounted high for accurate wind speed, whilst temperature and rainfall is recorded by the Vue ISS at 2m.

However this is an expensive solution, similar in cost to the entire Vantage Vue station, and I would like to know whether if I buy a second Vue ISS and mount that at 2m, my console could be set to receive temperature, rainfall and humidity measurements from the new ISS and wind measurements from my existing roof mounted ISS. This way I would also have spares should anything fail in the future.

I would be interested to hear from anyone that has the VP2 anemometer working successfully alongside their Vue, and whether the 2-Vue system could also work.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: No high low temp
« Last post by steviebaby59 on Today at 06:45:32 PM »
Thanks! That did the trick. I knew it had to be something simple I overlooked.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: 2 vs. WL(PC)
« Last post by kaymann on Today at 05:18:48 PM »
John thanks for the clarification that green one made all he difference.
I will definitely check this 2.0 app out more closely. What a difference!

If you look at the original, there is an RXTX sketch (RelayRxTx in my fork), both show receiving all packet types and re transmitting them, that should get you going. Both forks show the decoding of the Rx packets, reversing that allows you to construct your own Tx packets from whatever source you use.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: 2 vs. WL(PC)
« Last post by johnd on Today at 04:52:38 PM »
It's more about the relative inconvenience.

I don't disagree and, to be clear, IMO it would definitely be better if you could get straight in via a simple URL.

All I was debating really was how much of a hurdle the present arrangement is and, given that most people have throwaway identities and email addresses these days for just this sort of issue, I'm struggling to persuade myself that anyone who seriously wanted to view the data on a regular basis would find this much of an impediment. But I'm repeating myself now so I'll stop!  :-)

@Kaymann: I can see your Sky Ranch immediately by searching on the mobile app. Two things: First, I think there may be some slight delay before a new station gets added to the list of stations. Second, if you're still having problems seeing it on the mobile app, are you definitely using the 2.0 app - 2.0 stations need the 2.0 app and are invisible to the old 1.0 app. If you haven't done so already, you may need to download the new app version - it's the one with a green icon.
There is an amazing amount of info that can be gleaned from George's pictures, if studied carefully.

Have at it, ladies and gents. Looking forward to your comments.
For the sake of antenna comparison, here is a photo of the innards of a recent-vintage SmartHUB.

Note the long wire antenna coming off the receiver module, then runs up along the top half of the plastic housing, runs through the hinge, and then into the "paddle".

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WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: 2 vs. WL(PC)
« Last post by dalecoy on Today at 04:26:32 PM »

I'm not convinced about this, other than maybe putting off visitors with only the most marginal potential interest. Yes, you do have to supply a user name and password when first registering for an account. But after that simple one-time action:

It's more about the relative inconvenience.

1.  Owners have to supply those instructions to people (relatives, neighbors, etc.).  And then perhaps do some hand-holding.
        Quite different from saying "click here"

2.  Some people are reluctant to provide personal information (email address).
3.  Setup to remember login info on every device used.
4.  Etc.

Not a giant deal, perhaps - but.....
The other side of the main board.  Be aware this is of the "beta" hardware.  I haven't compared it against the production version.

John Z and I have already pored over this photo a while back to identify parts as best we could.  I don't want to spoil any fun you might have trying to figure out what's what yourself, so here it is without comment.  :grin:

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